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How to Make an Official Carnival Toque

  1. Make two tassels one and a half inches in diameter using cobalt or ultramarine blue.
  2. Main color above the stripes is white and is two inches
  3. The stripes are bright red or red orange one half inch
  4. The white spaces between the stripes are one-quarter inch
  5. Below the stripes the white is four inches (1" hidden under fold up of green)
  6. The fold up portion is Forest green three inches.  One inch not show when folded.



The Official Carnival Scarf

  1. Needles: 4" x 5" skivers.
  2. Cast on 24 stitches
  3. Knit garter stitch for all of scarf
  4. Follow diagram for colours and sizes.
  5. Wool for one scarf = 1 1/2 balls
  6. White, green and red plus blue for fringe.