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Final thoughtsand thank you.

Winter Caarvinal 2017.   What a great 10 days. I feel so honoured and humbled to be this years patron.

Thank you to Dawn and board for this great honour, I hope I filled my role as patron the way you 

expected . Thank you Vicki, you  were an ausome chair person and made all events so special, thanks

Roger for your part in helping me record my thoughts of this experience and best wishes as you prepare

for your  term as chair next year. Thanks to all committee members for making me feel so welcome and 

truly a part of your group.  The memories of the last ten days will stay with me forever.. Love and GodBless!




Sunday Day 10

The last day of an amazing ten days, this day brings mix emotions , we are all tired however sad we will be going our own way after today. 

We started the day with brunch at All Hallows, then story time and crafts at the Arts and Culture.

we then visited the bowling alley where Lilly's brother was celebrating his 5ft birthday.

now it was time for the closing  ceremonies at the Legion. This was a very exciting event, lots of music, dancing 

by kids and adults, also characters dressed in costumes. There were thanks, greetings, a tribute to 

Leif on his 25th anniversary, birthday greetings to Sandra on her birthday, introductions of committee,

land lots of pictures.   Supper was at Aromas followed by the closing at the Salvation Army. We sang lots

of old well known hymns, had a very uplifting talk by Captain Pam. Then came the time for Vicki to receive her

green scarf, this was a very emotional monment with a few tears! Lunch ! best wishes and farewells

ended the evening.  The final bus ride for the group, we were happy and sad, we took Lilly home first! This

brought tears as Lilly was upset. We all parted with hugs and tears as each one arrived home. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ










Saturday Day 9

Breakfast at First United Church, followed by a stop at Marble where  there was family tubing and

grommer rides. Next was the pet adoption at the civic centre. We then went to Pressand Start to Play, this

was video games for all ages. Lunch was ordered from Subway which we pick up and enjoyed on the bus while 

we visited the snow schulphers  around the city. This was great fun, we were like mountain goats as we 

wanted to get to each one for pictures. I almost left my foot down Curling in one of the snow banks  LOL.

next stop was the TNL youth dinner theature which was very enjoyable.

A buffet supper was at Jennifers, and was delicious!

Following supper we tried our dancing skills at the Scottish Ceilidh night. It was a great laughter.

Mimajoan was the last person to buy raffle tickets and won not one but two baskets full of items!!

last stop for the night was the Carvinal dance at the Legion. We all had a great time.

Home and off to bed to get some much needed rest for the closing tomorrow day 10.




Friday Day 8

Friday started with a bean luncheon at Bennett Hall. 

Next was a trip to Marble for The Old Sam day.we had lunch and lots of laughs.

Supper was a Hot Roast Beef at the Elks Club with the beard growing contest. The ambassors were two of 

the judges.

Following this we went to the Ceildh Night at Bennett Hall. There was some fancy steps as most of us 

took to the dance floor. 

Next stop was theLegion for the Carvinal Dance. Leif had his fun playing the drums.

we missed Roger tonight, he is home nursing the cold. Hope you are felling better!

Another fun day with great friends.




Thursday Day 7

Soup luncheon at St. John Evangelist church, followed by Senior's bingo at the Valley Mall.


After supper we attended the Annual Spelling Bee atImmaculate Heart of Mary. Students completed frogrades 4, 5 &6. It was a fun night.


most committee members called an early night to get some R&R for the weekend.