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Day 10 and done for another year.   But what a carnival.   We did our final run at All Hallows for brunch then visited Story Telling and Arts.   The closing ceremonies saw a large crowd at the Legion with Joe Russell providing some wicked party music!  A great spot for Mrs. Lucky to celebrate her birthday! Thank you Bev Smith for your kind words;  we go back to my beginning with carnival and we have so many special memories.  The Hymn Sing at the Salvation Army Citadel closed this year's carnival.  As always a capacity crowd in attendance.      We took the final bus ride and everyone said their goodbyes.  To our Ambassadors, Sophie and Noah,  you're wonderful,  it's been a pleasure to share the last ten days with you.  Leifling Lily did not want it to end.  Mrs. Lucky and I delivered her to her door and said a tearful goodnight.   Thank you Mark and Erin for sharing your precious daughter with us.    We hope you all cherish this moment.   To Vicki, and your wonderful committee,  thank you for your Spirit and your dedication, for all your acknowledgements and kind have made me feel very special. You have fueled the fires for next year. I can't wait to step out of my snow hut to greet next year's chair, Roger Down.        And thank you to the people of Corner Brook and the many visitors who take part in our carnival.  It is, after all,  for you.    On that note,  farewell until we meet again.     



What a day!   Starting with a good breakfast at First United,  then a reading time at the city library;  such a pleasure to be surrounded by eager children who enjoy listening to stories.   Then we dropped out to Marble for the tube races and groomer rides,  back to CB to chat with the pet adoption folks,  and watch some Triple A Bantom hockey.  Gamers were out for the first Press Start To Play event and we enjoyed a wonderful show presented by the TNL Youth Theatre.    We also had a chance to drive around town to view the amazing snow sculptures created this year.   Following a delkcious buffett at Jennifer's it was off to the Legion for the Kitchen Party.   Lots of folks out to hear Reg and Darren provide their popular country and Nfld music.   Our final stop was Marble Mountain for the first Remax Fun-Raiser in support of the Janeway.  When we walked through the doors we were greeted to a packed house...and the dance floor was full.  The Humber Road Greaseers were back!  Great fun with auctiions, 50/50 and more.   Hats off to the Corner Brook Remax office for a very successful first event.  To Scott and the folks at Marble,  thank you for your enthusiasm and help.

One more day to go.   See you at the closing ceremonies.



Heading into the final weekend.   Where does the time go?   After a delcious meal of baked beans at Bennett Hall,  the committee headed to the mountain for the 54th Old Sam races,  with our chair Vicki taking part.  I made a new friend at Marble,  his name is Charlie from Port Rexton.  A personable little boy who was so excited to have met "a real Viking"!  I'm glad to have met you, Charlie, you have true Carnival Spirit.  Mrs. Lucky and I were guests with Eddie Scheer on NTV at suppertime,  then it was back into town to join the Elks for the annual beard growing contest.  A treat this year was the First Unted Accordian Group with Ron Shepperd.  With a tasty roast beef dinner to help us power up,  our next challenge was Scottish dancing.  And, yes, we danced!  Well, we tried, but it was great fun. And the Scottish society always makes us feel so welcome.   The night closed out at the Legion for the Carnival Dance.   Always great music by The Mixed Tapes.  Thanks once again, Max, for allowing me to take over your drums for a few songs.    

Two more days to go.  See you on our rounds...



The weather continues to be excellent,  warm and sunny all day, allowing people to get out and enjoy soup luncheons sponsored by the Womens Coalition Against Violence and St. John the Evangelist.    I visited Leifling's school and enjoyed some quality time playing in the snow with all the students.  Especially touching was the cupcake they made for me to celebrate my 25 years with Carnival.  That, I can tell you, filled my heart with happiness.  

The Valley Mall's seniors bingo was the biggest one to date.    Lily had a wonderful time calling a few games.   After supper we attended the Spelling Bee hosted by her school.   Last stop was Flynn's where they had a fundraiser for Syrian families coming into our comunnity.  Good to see the welcoming spirit being extended to our new friends.  

The last weekend is coming.  Busy final days ahead.  Time to get that extra re-charge.  Old Sam on Friday,  see you at the hill.



Another beautiful day.  And the food just keeps coming at us!  Fish cakes and baked beans at the Lions Club.  Couple of the ladies on committee didn't eat their beans ( couldn't understand that... ), so I volunteered to help them out.   Never let be said that this Viking ever left one bean behind!  Five fish cakes and three servings of beans later I found myself alone at the table.  Must be a message in there somewhere...Follow that up at supper with Jiggs Dinner at the Salvation Army, bringing together peas pudding, cabbage, salt beef and beans...I shudder to think what will happen.  My apologies to the people of Corner Brook for what may come.  Long Live Carnival Dining!! 

We had an absolutely delightly time at Cyber Zone after supper.  Shannon was a perfect host, setting us up with the equipment required for the Winter Laser Blast.  Definitely want to do that again!  Nice to see the really big turnout for thus new event. We finished off the night with the Carnival Blues Jam at Swirsky's.   Many thanks to Jim Parsons for inviting my bass buddy, Roger Down ( next year's chair) and myself to sit in and play a few tunes with some of the excellent musicians in the area.  A great way to end the day.