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2017 Corner Brook Winter Carnival Chair
Vicki Rose


Imagine 46 years of Winter Carnival!!  I am honored to have been selected this year's Chairperson of Winter Carnival 2017!  I have been involved with Winter Carnival for 5 years, but have been an active participant in Winter Carnival Activities since I can remember!

I would like to thank my Winter Carnival Committee Members, who have dedicated too many hours to keep track of, spent time away from family, and dedicated personal time to make this event happen.  Your dedication to this event is remarkable.  What a great team we are!!

I would also like to thank our sponsors.  It is because of their support that Winter Carnival can happen year after year.

I invite everyone in the Community and surrounding area, to get out and enjoy what Winter Carnival has to offer.  We have many events for young and old alike.  Something for everyone.  It is a great chance for new members of our community to get out and enjoy what Corner Brook has to offer. 

This is a very special year for one member of our team in particular.  Dave Elms has been Leif the Lucky for 25 years!!!  A special thank you to Dave for his involvement with Winter Carnival!  So if you see Leif the Lucky out and about, remember to Congratulate him on his 25th Anniversary!!


Vicki Rose
Carnival Chair 2017